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The Boogaloo Project, created by Amanda Cardona, is dedicated to preserving the history of, educating others about and supporting and evolving the art of Latin Boogaloo music & dance!  As a Nuyorican, Amanda was drawn to Boogaloo for a lot of reasons . . . it gave her a fun & unique way to connect to both sides of her culture: Latin & American, a way to fuse music & dance styles she loves: from Salsa to Swing & everything in between, and finally a way to learn more about her own culture & history.


From all of the above and inspired by conversations with her DAD, who exposed me to this vibrant, though seemingly short-lived style of music & having had the opportunity to see a Joe Bataan concert with her MOM; The Boogaloo Project was born.

It is a journey to be part of the resurgence of LATIN BOOGALOO.

what is boogaloo

what is latin boogaloo?

Latin Boogaloo is a fun, unique, funky style of music and dance that originated in NYC in the 1960s and has a really interesting history! It fuses the rhythms of African American rhythm and blues (R&B) and soul music with the Latin sounds of mambo, son montuno, cha cha cha & more, with songs in both English and Spanish. It was an iconic blend of sounds and connected to and with folks of different cultures & backgrounds. It is enjoying an amazing revival by musicians, dancers, and those who love this unique blend of culture & art.

Check out some of the artists who originated Latin Boogaloo as well as those helping keep it alive!

THE project.

The Boogaloo Project is a journey.

It is a multi - dimensional project made up of dance instruction, TV segments, documentary shorts, performances & more...

We invite you to join the movement & experience it for yourself.


Online Lessons & Classes

Start Moovin' & Groovin' 

No time like the present to expand your dance knowledge and get moving with some fun & simple steps. 

Join our weekly Boogaloo fusion dance class and jam out to some great music!

Mondays 6-7PM

Oct 5th - Dec 7th


boogaloo image1.jpg

Boogaloo in the Bronx

Film Screening

The Boogaloo Project celebrates the end of its Boogaloo in the Bronx Programming with this screening of We Like It Like That - The Story of Latin Boogaloo! 

Coming Fall 2020



Boogaloo on the Airwaves!

Caribe Latino Radio Show

It's always an honor & pleasure to have the chance to catch up & chat all things Boogaloo, music, history & more with German Santana at Caribe Latino Radio Show!

Aired on WKCR 89.9 FM NYC & YouTube


Boogie Down Boogaloo

Community Dance & Music Project

Love to dance to Latin music, funk & soul? 

Want to learn about what Boogaloo is? Looking to try something new & connect to new people? 

Check out this weekly class & get your Boogaloo on!


Boogaloo in the Bronx!

Panel Series

Join us in the Bronx for a day of fun & Boogaloo!  Live music by Spanglish Fly, Free dance class, dance shows by various groups and more!  Spend an afternoon jamming out with The Boogaloo Project!

Coming Fall 2020



The Boogaloo Project

Performance Company

The performing crew of The Boogaloo Project loves to bring its flava' and Boogaloo style to the public!  Dancing & performing is one of the main ways The Project works to preserve AND evolve the Latin Boogaloo dance form!

Next Show: 2021


Boogaloo in the City!

TV Show & Public Access TV

Check out Boogaloo across the globe!  In these segments, The BP follows artists, musicians, dancers & more all keeping that Boogaloo flava rockin' & jammin' !

Next Episode(s): Sun, Oct 4th | 9PM

BronxNet | Optimum 68 | FIOS 34 

Episode Cover- 2020 BITB Lets Boogaloo.p

Online Lessons & Classes

Start Moovin' & Groovin' 

No time like the present to expand your dance knowledge and get moving with some fun & simple steps. 

Check out our Video of the Day series or other online class sessions to start jamming out to Boogaloo!

Online Episodes HERE or

Instagram: The Boogaloo Project

Facebook: The Boogaloo Project


Golden Boogaloo

Senior Dance Immersion Program

Calling All Seniors! Let's Boogaloo!
Join this weekly music & dance program about Latin Boogaloo. Taught in English & Spanish We'll come together to listen & move to the rhythms of this iconic NYC style of music & dance.

2020 Session Has Ended

Get the Info!
No upcoming events at the moment


What's a project without its people?

This adventure wouldn't be possible without the support, interaction, belief, energy of a whole community of fantastic people & organizations.

I'd love to introduce you to the Boogaloo Project crew, from dancers, to family, to crew & those to whom I want to give a HUGE THANKS!​

Meet the Dance Crew

These fab folk took a leap and jumped into this project as we've traveled all over spreading the funk and fun!  They come from all different types of dance background and I'd love for you to get to know them!


Sponsors, Partners, Collaborators & More!

This page is dedicated to giving a HUGE shout out, thanks, hugs and love to a whole community of supporters, partners, collaborators & more.  Their support is critical to the mission of preserving, educating & sharing all that is Latin Boogaloo!

BOOGaloo news.




If you haven't realized it yet, I'm pretty passionate about all things BOOGALOOOOO!

Even more so, I want to help keep this art form ALIVE & use it as a platform to bring communities together.  This project is not only FOR the community at large, but also TAKES a community to help it grow & thrive.


I invite YOU to be a part of our Boogaloo community!



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